Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

I didn't think I'd ever get tagged because I blog so much anyway, but hey, I'm not doing anything else right now and it sounds like fun.

Name and Meaning: Skye Leigh. Back during my Snow days (Snow College for those who don't know), for some reason the name Skye came into my head and I thought it was a beautiful name. I decided that if I ever got married and had a baby girl someday, I wanted to name her Skye. And then I did! Lance didn't object to the name. My mom liked the middle name Leigh, for me, but for some reason never gave it to me. I liked it, too, and thought it sounded beautiful with Skye. So that's how Skye Leigh came to be.

Age: 15 (almost 16) months

Nicknames: I call her little one and everyone else calls her baby Skye. Someday, they have got to stop (I have) because she isn't really a baby anymore, but that's just what everyone has always called her so I guess it's hard to not call her that anymore.

Favorite Activities: Swimming and playing outside. She loves to be outside more than anything!

Favorite Foods: Cheese and sweet fruits such as strawberries, peaches, pears, and mango.

Least Favorite Foods: Vegis, of course. About once or twice a week she will eat some peas or beans or something, but other than that she has become a very picky eater.

Favorite Toy: Her stuffed bunny is her absolute favorite thing. It is what she cuddles with when she sleeps. She always has to have her bunny. But after that, her new car and her doll stroller would probably be her favorites.

Favorite Book: She really likes the "lift-the-flap" books by Karen Katz, but I'm not sure that she really has a favorite, yet. She absolutely loves books, though!

Favorite item of clothing: Skye prefers to be naked (who doesn't?!) more than anything. But I guess these days, when it comes to clothes, she likes hats the best.

What makes her happy? Mommy, Daddy, Cookie, Papa, Trav, her bunny, food, juice, to be outside. These are just a few things.

What makes her sad? When Mommy has to go bye, when Mommy is around, but isn't giving her 100% of her attention 100% of the time. (This makes Mommy sad, too, because it means she has an incredibly difficult time getting anything done around the house.) And there could be some more things, but we'll just leave it at that.

Now I tag Becky, Sam, and Alison (If Becky ever sees this!)


Alexis and Josh said...

So I just realized how long it has been since I looked at your blog. So I played catch up. I see you guys are in AZ now, and seem to be getting aquainted with your surroundings. I am loving the pictures that you put up, and when I saw the picture of the pigeon I totally thought of your Dad. I hope that your parents are surviving without you guys there. At least you aren't too far. I really hope that you guys like it in AZ.

Jess said...

Thanks for doing the tag... I think Skye is so cute and wanted to read what you would answer about her!

Cookie said...

Hey! You forgot to put Kitties in what makes Skye happy! :)

Becca Wecca said...

That was fun!! Thanks for the Tag. I am sure everyone thinks that I don't ever look at their blogs, but I do, A LOT!! I just am horrible at leaving comments!

Lance Stine said...

you should have tagged me so people would look at my sweet blog