Monday, September 15, 2008

Skye Gets Her First Car

My Mom and Dad bought Skye her first car last week! They wanted to see pictures of it, so here they are! We tested everything out inside first.
Then we were ready to take it out and hit the road!
Skye knows how to open the door and get in all by herself!

She is so happy! She loves, loves, loves her car!
See how happy she still is!
One of her favorite things is to just get in and out of the car, but she has no problem turning that steering wheel like mad, too! Thanks Pa and Cookie for the great gift!


Cookie said...

Oh my! How adorable! We are so glad Skye likes her first car! We hope she will continue to have fun with it and that she will always be a good driver! :) We love her so! The pictures are sooooo cute!

Travis said...
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Travis said...

That is so cool that she knows how to get in and out all by herself.