Monday, November 19, 2012

He's Already One!

My baby boy is already one! I can't believe how fast the past year has gone. Sometimes I really miss my little baby Jack. But I also look forward to seeing who he develops into in the coming year.
 It was a pretty mellow and uneventful birthday yesterday. We had just gotten back from a week-long vacation to Phoenix only a few days before and were also recovering from getting the flu so it was just our little family. We decided to go a healthier route for "dessert" with zucchini muffins. Jack was not happy that I wouldn't let him touch the flame on his candle! 
 He was happier after he got to eat the muffin, though.

 Isn't he so cute?! 
 As with most one-year-olds, he really enjoyed playing with the paper! He did love the little vtech laptop I got for him. It's meant for 3-6 years, but he loves computers and loves buttons. He played with it longer than I've seen him play with any other toy before and it's still been a big hit today!
Jack has been such a good baby and such an incredible blessing in our lives. I know Heavenly Father meant for him to be a part of our family! Happy birthday Jack-Jack!