Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Obsession Phase 1

 Here's the beginning of our wildflower pictures from Albion Basin. The mountainsides were just covered in yellow!

 Mount Superior

The Indian Paintbrush is one of our favorites. There are so many different colors and shades of it. 

Skye took this picture... 

and this one! 

And Lance took this amazing picture! I love this one! So stay tuned for more!

Monday, August 22, 2011

In the Wildflowers

 Here are pictures of us in the wildflowers.

 Skye took this picture of Daddy!

I wanted to get a picture of Skye smelling a flower so she stuck this one she had picked right on her nose and inhaled. Yep, sneezes followed! It was pretty funny.

Next will be our favorite pictures of just the flowers.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Snowbird Day Two

Our second day at Snowbird began by seeing a whole pack of marmots on our way to breakfast.

They were just nibbling the grass. 

This one looked up right as I snapped the picture. 

Skye making funny faces at breakfast. 

With the Chinese dragon. 

Kissing the Chinese dragon. 

After breakfast, we went to see the wildflowers at Albion basin, but as usual, there are tons of those pictures so I'll put them in a separate post. After that, it was back for more fun like riding on the bull...

searching for gems...

and going on the slide again!

One thing we were disappointed about was not being able to go on the tram or the peruvian chair lift. Both had been struck by lightning the night before we arrived at Snowbird and weren't functioning. Luckily, the ski lift started up again just before we were about to leave so we got to take it up the mountain. It was a fun ride with spectacular views. Poor little Skye, though. She was so sleepy from the adventurous day in the sun that she fell asleep on the way up! 

More views from on top of the mountain.

She did enjoy playing in the snow we discovered once she woke up, especially throwing it at me! This is actually on the other side of the mountain. After getting off the ski lift, there's a tunnel you can go through that takes you to the other side. It was pretty cool.

Here she is "skiing" down the snow with Lance.

Here I am at 26 weeks pregnant. 

This is on our way back through the tunnel. 

It was actually a very fun, little getaway we took and was a great deal. We've decided to make it a yearly event!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Bull

One of the things included in our package to Snowbird was the mechanical bull. The first video is Lance's first attempt. By day two, he had really figured out how to do it, as seen in the second video. I think he could be a professional bull rider!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Snowbird Day One

Lance has wanted to go to the mountains all summer. Being pregnant, hot, and tired all the time, I've been kind of lazy this summer. So he booked us a stay at Snowbird this last Monday and Tuesday. The hotels have great deals there in the summer that include other fun things going on in the area. One of the first things we did was go to the bungee trampolines. Skye has wanted to do these for years, but was always too small.

Lance joined in the fun, too! If I weren't pregnant, I would have done it, too.

Lance got the hang of it right away and was immediately doing flips.

We tried getting Skye to try flips, but she was a little nervous.

She finally started getting used to it and at least did higher jumps. She did have a lot of fun--so much so that she did it again the next day. 

Despite my big belly, I did get to go on the alpine slide, though I went very, very slow! 

Here's Skye waiting for her turn with Lance. 

Skye waiting for me at the bottom of the slide. 

It's always fun to see these little guys running around! 

This is the chair lift that takes you to the top of the slide. 

We took it up a second time, then walked back down. 

And this is one of Skye's favorite things to do in hotel rooms! She sure loves to jump!