Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Arizona Adventure

On Saturday, we had another adventure. We went to the White Tank Mountains (west of Phoenix) for the first time. It was a beautiful place and a beautiful day. But I think this poor saguaro got a little too beaten up by the birds! These ones look nice and healthy, though!
Skye had fun looking at rocks. I mean, it's not like her entire back yard is made up of rocks or anything. (I'm being sarcastic--our backyard is made up of rocks, but she still can't seem to get enough of them!)
Look at those spines.
It was interesting to see the dead saguaro by an alive one.
I thought this was a pretty good shot for an amateur photographer.
The teddy bear cacti were glowing in the sunlight.
The hike we went on led to a waterfall that only appears after a big rain storm which is exactly what we had just had here in Phoenix. That's Lance and Skye crossing some steps to get to it.
It wasn't that impressive of a waterfall, but a waterfall nonetheless.
We could only hang out at it for a short amount of time, though, because...
People were waiting in line to see it like it was the coolest ride you can possibly imagine at Disneyland or something. The place was packed! It was like a people zoo! There was seriously this huge line waiting to see the waterfall, so unless you wanted to get knocked into the water, you had to keep your time there short.
I guess people in Phoenix just aren't used to seeing so much water so they throng to it when it's there. Either that, or there are just a ton of really cool people here that know how to have good fun in the great outdoors! Like us! Another great thing we noticed were how many kids there were on the hike, too. What cool parents to give their kids an appreciation for nature at such a young age. Like us again! He he he!
Lance took this picture of a rock with petroglyphs. The whole place was covered in them which was something else we enjoyed seeing. Let the adventures continue!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Adventures in Arizona

A week ago, we headed out to Papago Park which we discovered was a pretty cool place. We climbed up to this little cave/arch.
This pyramid in the distance is the tombstone of Arizona's first governor.
This is looking through the arch. Don't you love all those palm trees? It's like a tropical paradise!
Later, we hung out at this lake that has fishing in it.

There were a variety of ducks there.

Skye liked climbing around on these palm trees.
It's pretty cool that we are still discovering so many fun places here in Arizona.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our New House

I'm finally posting some pictures of the house we are renting. It's really nice, got much more room, and we like it a lot.
 Here's the living room off to the right after you walk in.
 This is looking down at it from the loft.
 Here's the family room with Skye watching Super Why.

The dining room.
 The master bedroom.
 Looking into the master bath.
 I love the counter top here. It looks like granite, but it's not. I also love how it's all one piece (I hate raised sinks). It's really nice looking, but super easy to clean.
 And here is the loft--Lance's office/the messy toy room!
 And then here are just some cute pictures of Skye!

Oh, and here's the kitchen.  I almost forgot to put it in.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Phoenix Lights

This is Christmas, Phoenix style. We love it!

 A little saguaro.
 See that blue saguaro?
 And whoever put lights on this ocotillo is crazy!
 Look at those spines! Yep, crazy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bowling in Vegas

A few weeks ago, we took a little vacation to Vegas that pretty much turned out horrible. The one good, fun thing we did was taking Skye bowling for the first time... unless you consider this her first bowling experience which is what I looked like the last time I went bowling!

Skye loves balls so she really liked bowling, of course.
She had to pick the ball up and do it all by herself!
I love the determination in her face in these pictures!

When it wasn't her turn to bowl, she was often found like this.
The champ!