Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beautiful Girl

I don't mean to brag, but...okay, so you know anytime you hear something like that, the person really is going to brag. But hey, that's what mothers do as is their right. So I'm just being a typical mother by saying that I have the most beautiful, photogenic girl in the world! Every year on her birthday, I take Skye to get her picture taken and every year it's so hard to pick out the pictures because they're all so good. I know every mother's child is the most beautiful to them, but you've got to admit, this kid is pretty darn cute!

Our Sunshine Girl

Skye's final parade was in Farmington the Saturday after the 4th. Not surprisingly, I forgot my camera, but luckily, my mom had hers and she got these cute pictures and video of her. In a way, I'm sad it's all over until September. Summer camp and parades were a lot of fun. But it's also nice to have a little break. We sure love our little Sunshine girl!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dog Blog

I just thought I'd tell people about the new site I added to my favorite websites at the right of my blog. It's a really funny blog my sister shared with me. Anyone who has ever had a dog or likes dogs will like reading the post I've linked. Here it is again:  Check it out and have a good laugh!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our 4th of July

This was probably the funnest 4th of July I've ever had. It started with a neighborhood breakfast and kids bike parade--come with your bikes decorated they said. We originally didn't think we could make it because Skye was supposed to be in the Kaysville parade, but Sunshine ended up not being able to do it so we went to the breakfast. Unfortunately, we didn't have anything for Skye to decorate her bike with so we had to improvise. While all the other kids had their bikes decorated very patriotically, my creative husband suggested to Skye that she decorate her bike with snakes and animals--some of her favorite things! So she did! 

Getting ready to go. 

Finishing the parade behind her friend, Jonah. I have to mention how much all the boys there loved her bike! 

After the breakfast, we watched the Kaysville parade from my parent's house. It was fun for Skye to be able to actually watch one. She got tons of candy, a football, and a stuffed animal! After that, we had a good time at Boondocks with my brother and cousin. That night, we had a bunch of my family and Lance's family over for a barbecue. It was fun having tons of people over!

Skye did a sparkler for the first time. She wasn't really sure about it, though. Maybe next year it will be more fun. 

And then we did lots of fireworks! 

Just to end, I have to say that we absolutely have a house in the most perfect location in all of northern Utah. It's close to Salt Lake and Ogden, close to my family, has beautiful views with wildlife all around, and we have the most amazing view of fireworks ever! We seriously had the best fireworks show ever right from our deck. We could see fireworks going off EVERYWHERE! We figured we could see ones from Kaysville, Layton, Clearfield and other cities around there, and probably even as far north as Farr West. My brother said he and my cousin counted nine different places that they were coming from and that was from inside, looking out. We could probably see even more than that from out on the deck. It was so amazing, spectacular, beautiful! It was so good that I couldn't pull myself away long enough to get the tripod to get a good picture! Next year, I'll be prepared before they begin! So yes, funnest 4th ever!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Skye's First Parade

Last year, after watching Kaysville's 4th of July parade, we asked Skye if next year she'd rather watch the parade or be in the parade and she said be in the parade. Thanks to Sunshine Generation, she got to do just that. Her first parade was last Saturday in Centerville. Lance's sister and her kids from Montana were down visiting so they came with us to watch.

There were some pretty cool floats in their parade.

But of course, the best of all were these guys--Sunshine Generation! 

You can kind of see Skye here! 

Here she is getting a drink. Can you tell how hot, tired, worn out she is? She seemed to have a great time, but the hear definitely got to her, too. I'm glad she's had this experience!

Twenty Weeks

 So my sister who lives in Virginia told my mom that she couldn't believe I hadn't posted any pregnancy pictures of myself yet. The truth is that until last Monday, we hadn't taken any. But I finally decided that since I'm 20 weeks along, we should probably take some. So, here they are.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Out With Thomas

Every Memorial Day weekend, Thomas the Tank Engine comes to visit the Heber Valley Railroad. I've wondered about taking Skye the last two years, but never did. We finally decided to this year, though.
Here comes Thomas!

So, was it worth the 60 plus dollars I paid for all of us to ride Thomas? Definitely not, but sometimes you do things like that for your kids anyway! The train moved so slow that had we been a race with a snail, the snail probalby would have won. And the scenery was mostly just houses with a few pastures with cows in them. Totally not worth it, but there were some fun things...
like Skye getting cotton candy for the first time. She had been talking about cotton candy for quite some time. We don't believe in totally sugaring up your kids, but as I told Lance, "Every kid has to try cotton candy sometime."
Here she is trying a piece. The funny thing is that she totally didn't like it! Lance and I ended up eating most of it.
It was also fun seeing Skye on the train.
Skye's favorite part was sticking her head out the window.
There was a hay maze--always a favorite of our running girl!

The miniature golf might have been cool had it not been filled with a million kids and their parents trying to teach them to be professional golfers.

And then there were the toy trains. Skye played with those for quite some time. I mean, it's not like she already has a train set of her own at home! So yes, there were some fun things, but I won't be spending that kind of money on it again.

Red Butte Garden

We went to Red Butte Garden yesterday.  Skye loves to be outside so she had a good time.

 It was hot, so playing in the water felt good.

 And of course, Skye loved these giant lizards!

 This is just a cute picture of Skye and Daddy relaxing on the patio.