Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Out With Thomas

Every Memorial Day weekend, Thomas the Tank Engine comes to visit the Heber Valley Railroad. I've wondered about taking Skye the last two years, but never did. We finally decided to this year, though.
Here comes Thomas!

So, was it worth the 60 plus dollars I paid for all of us to ride Thomas? Definitely not, but sometimes you do things like that for your kids anyway! The train moved so slow that had we been a race with a snail, the snail probalby would have won. And the scenery was mostly just houses with a few pastures with cows in them. Totally not worth it, but there were some fun things...
like Skye getting cotton candy for the first time. She had been talking about cotton candy for quite some time. We don't believe in totally sugaring up your kids, but as I told Lance, "Every kid has to try cotton candy sometime."
Here she is trying a piece. The funny thing is that she totally didn't like it! Lance and I ended up eating most of it.
It was also fun seeing Skye on the train.
Skye's favorite part was sticking her head out the window.
There was a hay maze--always a favorite of our running girl!

The miniature golf might have been cool had it not been filled with a million kids and their parents trying to teach them to be professional golfers.

And then there were the toy trains. Skye played with those for quite some time. I mean, it's not like she already has a train set of her own at home! So yes, there were some fun things, but I won't be spending that kind of money on it again.


Callie said...

60 dollars?!?! Thanks for giving me a reason to not take my kids! Holy smokes!

Callie said...

Oh, and this is Jessica. I guess Callie is still logged onto my parent's computer.

Growing Up Skye said...

Yeah, it was $18 a ticket so for three tickets plus tax it came to over $60. If it were $18 for all three of us, I'd probably go again, but as is, I won't be going back.

Cookie said...

Sometimes you just have to find out the hard way. But she did have fun and at least you won't ever be wondering if you should have taken her. And you helped Jessica, too! (Or Callie) :-)

Lance Stine said...

i sure look sleepy