Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Skye Really Does Smile Sometimes--I Promise!

This post is to make up for the scowling Easter pictures of Skye--to show that she really does smile when she wants to. You just have to be quick with the camera to capture usually!

Doesn't she look so dang cute in the new outfit my mom bought for her?
This is my first attempt at doing something with her hair. I know it's sticking straight out, but I actually thought she looked kinda cute! I'm not much of a hair person, but I'll keep trying. The real trick will be convincing Skye not to pull the elastics out, which is what she did that day after about two minutes! But like I said, I'll keep trying!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Trip to Utah

Skye had this little smirk on her face (don't ask me why) the whole time we were at the airport after arriving in Utah. You sure can tell that Papa is happy! And so is Cookie.
Skye was happy to have different toys to play with. She LOVED this train set and would play with it for the longest time.
Just having fun...

Another train!
The messy eating pictures are just too good to resist!

Sleeping on the way to the zoo with my dad. She loved watching the elephant eat.
She also had fun playing at the playground at the zoo--well, as long as no other kids came near her. She is quite aggressive these days. (Some of you know what I'm talking about.) We both had such a great time visiting. Thanks for being such fabulous parents and grandparents, Cookie and Papa!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Quick Trip

We are in Utah right now. My mom and dad offered to pay for Skye and I to fly up for a week's visit. As soon as we stepped off of the plane, I thought to myself, "We are going to freeze to death while we're here!" Luckily, my wonderful, amazing visiting teacher let us borrow some of her daughter's old winter clothes since Skye no longer had any that fit her. (Thanks again, so so much, Tia, Mike, and Annabelle!) Also, luckily, it has been warming up each day that we have been here. Skye has been having so much fun seeing Papa, Cookie, Trav, and the cats, Chang and Squeakers or Freakers as Skye calls him! I will add pictures of her adventures here later. Instead, I am adding some pictures I stole off of Lance's blog of Watson Lake. It is just outside of Prescott which is about two hours north of Phoenix. He went there this weekend and I thought the pictures he took were so incredible I had to share them with others. Hopefully Lance doesn't mind!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Finally Posting Easter Pictures

Yep, these are the pictures we got of Skye in her new Easter dress (that my mom bought for her). No matter what we did, she refused to smile. But hey, you gotta have these kinds of pictures, too, right?!
After church, she got to paint some eggs. Lance is really the one who painted most of them, though. Skye would put a dot or little line on and then hand the paint roller to Daddy. It was fun to watch them.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hunt

Skye went to her first ever Easter egg hunt today. It was at the park and hosted by my friend, Tia. Lots of kids showed up and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Skye loved finding the eggs and putting them in her purse. I think she may have gotten a few too many! Here are some of the other younger kids looking for eggs.
Picking up another one.
Here's Skye inspecting her find after she was all done. There were jelly beans in a lot of the eggs which she didn't like and would spit out. She likes M&Ms, though, which I put in some of the eggs we contributed. She calls them "nummies." I think it's cute! What a fun time we had!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Skye's First Popsicle

Skye had her first popsicle a couple of weeks ago. I'd let her lick some of my own popsicles last summer, but this was the first one she ever held herself to eat. We'd gone to the park with my friend, Tia, and her daughter, Annabelle. We went back to their house after to have popsicles. Skye loved it! Tia took these cute pictures of her with it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gold and Ghost Towns

Add ImageWe went to Goldfield yesterday, an old gold mining ghost town that has now turned into a little tourist town. The first thing we did was go on the train that runs around the town. Here is Skye on the train, not looking too happy. She did like it some of the time. Her favorite part was actually watching the train rather than riding it. Here's part of the town with the Superstition Mountains in the background.

I had to put all of these pictures of us by the train on here because Skye is actually smiling--something she doesn't do very often for pictures!

More of the town.
Skye's favorite part of the whole experience was the reptile exhibit. She LOVED crouching down to look at the snakes and would take her sweet little time watching each one.
More of Goldfield.
We got to see a little bit of a gunfight re-enactment before Skye got too scared of the loud noises. That was our experience in a ghost town--not very ghost like!