Monday, January 24, 2011

Antelope Island

Here are our scenic pictures from Antelope Island. There are some duplicates--just playing around with editing software!

We always love the wildlife!

We played hide and seek among the rocks for a long time. Skye loved it!

We loved the brilliant teal in the sky that was reflecting in the water below.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buffalo Island

Skye saw her first buffalo on Tuesday! She has a book with a buffalo named Bismark so she was excited to see him in real life! We went out to Antelope Island Tuesday afternoon. I sometimes wonder why it is called Antelope Island when it seems there are far more buffalo than antelope! This one crossed the street right in front of us.
Lance got this awesome shot of it getting a drink of melted snow.
It was fun seeing all the buffalo hanging out!

Kids Love Toys

Skye really loved the doll she got for Christmas (which she named Daisy) for awhile. She played with her a lot in the week following Christmas. She still does every once in awhile, but she definitely doesn't play with her as much or the way she plays with her animal toys. She loves animals!
Just like so many other kids I know, Skye now has a pillow pet. I told her months ago that she could get one if she got potty trained. We're still working on it, but she's soooo much closer than she was even a couple of months ago. So she got her unicorn pillow pet, Silky.
We celebrated my mom's birthday at our house last Sunday.
Skye loved taking the presents over to my mom. That may have been her favorite part! I'm grateful to have such a wonderful mom, that Skye can have such a wonderful and amazing grandma!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I love how random kids are. Skye loves telling stories and talking in general. Sometimes she totally wanders all over the place. I found this one conversation we had pretty funny!
Skye: Daddy is strong, but Papa likes gators.
Me: He does?
Skye: Yes. They push cars.
Me: They do?
Skye: Yes. My bunny likes to eat. She likes dragons.
Talk about random, meandering thoughts! I also love Skye's haircut! I would love for her to have long hair, but since she's got really thin hair, this works great! It's easy to do and I think she looks really pretty!
And look how strong she is! I love this picture!
And speaking of random, here's a gingerbread house! My brother-in-law got this to make with Skye when he and my sister were in town after Thanksgiving. I realized I forgot to put it on the blog, so here it is!

Skye's Christmas Dress

Here are some pictures of Skye in her pretty Christmas dress!

More Lights

About a week before Christmas, we walked around a Layton park to see more fun lights! Here are some of our favorites.

Skye loved the dinosaur lights, of course.

This is Lance's favorite picture.