Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moab Day One

Last weekend I went to Moab with one of my good friends. It was soooo nice! The weather was perfect, even a bit hot at times. It was beautiful and just felt so great to be out among some of God's most amazing creations! And it was fun to have a girl's weekend! I have an awesome friend!
 Friday afternoon, we hiked to Landscape Arch.
 Here we both are in front of it.
 This is looking out at the stunning red rocks through Pine Tree Arch. We got in a few miles of hiking that afternoon--just warming up for the next day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Baby Boy Growing So Big

Here's Jack on his four month birthday, a week and a half ago. Just like Skye, he's a long one--in the 90th percentile! He's still a little chubbers, too, weighing in at 16 1/2 pounds, in the 71st percentile.
 He is always doing this: putting his hands in his mouth! He is so slobbery! He loves reaching for and grabbing things. I'm sure he'll be sitting up on his own before we know it. He's always lifting his head and is usually happier sitting up on someone's lap.
 But this picture is the best representation of our little guy. He is such a happy baby! He loves smiling, laughing, talking, and being held. He will put up a stink if you set him down or ignore him when he wants to be held. But besides that, he is very good-natured and flexible which is nice. Oh, and he sleeps through the night now. Yay! 
 Here are some more cute pictures of him!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sombrero

My friends, Ben and Norma, got this sombrero for Skye when they were visiting Mexico. She sure looked cute in it, didn't she?
 Of course, her head has gotten too big for it now.
 So Jack can wear it now! It's a little big for him, still, but we had fun putting it on him anyway.
 Doesn't he look cute? Thanks again, Ben and Norma!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Caught a Leprechaun!

Look at this cute, little leprechaun I caught on St. Patrick's Day! He didn't take me to his pot of gold or grant me any wishes, but his cuteness made up for it!

A leprechaun with his superhero.
 A leprechaun with his big sister! Seriously, doesn't he look just like a little leprechaun in this picture?!
 Skye got the hat at preschool.
She enjoys using it for other things, as well, like a muzzle! My family will totally get that!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Recent Adventures: The Aquarium

We went to the aquarium in Sandy on President's Day. Wow, what a mistake. Don't ever go on a holiday! It was ridiculously crowded which really made it hard to enjoy.
 Jack did somewhat enjoy the sea horses and sharks I think.

 Lance and I spent much of the time doing this. Feeding Jack. We took turns alternating between that and taking Skye through the lines to see things!
The otters were fun--well, this one otter was! The others were sleeping. I definitely want to go to the aquarium again before they move to Draper, just not on a holiday!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Recent Adventures: Antelope Island

A few weeks ago, on a somewhat nice day, we headed out to Antelope Island. It was colder there than we expected, but it was so nice to be outside. I think I look kind of mad in this picture, but I was actually very happy!
 Skye LOVED being outside. She had so much fun and was so happy.
 I love the Great Salt Lake!

 Skye played with toys in the sand.
 She dug holes on the beach.
 The beach was actually really nice. We had fun walking and running along it.

 Can you believe we saw a shark, a dolphin, and a killer whale? I thought they only lived in the ocean!

 We also had a great time jumping from rock to rock. Skye pretended like Lance was a prince or king and she was his prairie dog! One of the big rocks became a castle.

She spent a lot of time running and digging holes as a prairie dog. It was so funny!
What a great time we had!