Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Recent Adventures: Antelope Island

A few weeks ago, on a somewhat nice day, we headed out to Antelope Island. It was colder there than we expected, but it was so nice to be outside. I think I look kind of mad in this picture, but I was actually very happy!
 Skye LOVED being outside. She had so much fun and was so happy.
 I love the Great Salt Lake!

 Skye played with toys in the sand.
 She dug holes on the beach.
 The beach was actually really nice. We had fun walking and running along it.

 Can you believe we saw a shark, a dolphin, and a killer whale? I thought they only lived in the ocean!

 We also had a great time jumping from rock to rock. Skye pretended like Lance was a prince or king and she was his prairie dog! One of the big rocks became a castle.

She spent a lot of time running and digging holes as a prairie dog. It was so funny!
What a great time we had!


Cookie said...

Wow! Dolphins, sharks and whales at Antelope Island! Who knew! That little girls sure has an imagination and she has sooooo much fun! I'm quite impressed with her impersonation of a prairie dog, too! :-)

Lance Stine said...

Just saw this. That was a fun outing.