Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Preschool Musical!

Skye graduated today! From preschool! It was really cute. They had a whole graduation ceremony. It was fun seeing them come out in caps and sunglasses!
I really loved her preschool and her teachers. She learned so much and did so many fun crafts and art projects. It was definitely better than anything I could have done with her!

Their program was just a bunch of songs they have learned. That is another thing I have loved about this preschool--they have done so much with music! The kids were all so cute and did a great job. It was a really fun graduation ceremony!
Getting her diploma!
With her teachers, Miss Denise and Miss Angela.

Here she is with her friend (and fellow carpooler), Brooklyn. Brooklyn wouldn't smile because she had a creamy in her hand. Apparently she thought her mom should have held it for her! Silly girls!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Six Months and More Firsts

I know I've said it so many times before, but I still can't believe how big my baby boy is getting. He is a such a good, happy baby, I don't ever want him to get big! He was 17 pounds, 13 ounces at the doctor today which is only in the 55th percentile, but his weight seems to fluctuate a lot these days. He has actually weighed over 18 pounds this last month. And his height has slowed down a wee bit--in the 83rd percentile now instead of the 90th. But he's doing great!
 This last month has been a month of firsts. He's finally learned how to roll from his tummy to his back now. He already did it the other way around in his fourth month a few times, then never tried again. He can also inchworm around a little bit. He's got very strong legs, but his upper body isn't quite ready for crawling yet.
 Food is another first. He started eating solid foods including his first yams! Sometimes there is just something cute about a baby with food all over his face! To go along with the food, he also started getting his first teeth. Yes, I said teeth, not tooth. Both of his two front bottom teeth have come in together! I can no longer let him chew on my finger. Those are sharp teeth he's got!

Just tonight, he also went swimming for the first time. I thought about taking the camera, but decided I didn't want to have to worry about it getting wet or ruined. But sometime I'll get a picture of him in his cute swimming suit. I'm sure we'll go again soon--he LOVED it!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jack's First Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday was Jack's first visit to the zoo! It was the perfect day for it. Jack did really well. He loves to be outside. Here he is looking at the elephant.
 And here he is being fed in the baby carrier! 
 We didn't stay as long as we usually would, but it was still a fun trip. I wanted to get a picture of Jack and Skye in front of the zoo, but Jack was asleep when we got there and then asleep again when we left. So this one will have to do!
My favorite part was watching the tigers. I LOVE tigers. I think they are the most beautiful creatures on the face of the planet. This one was actually growling! It was sooooo cool!
After the zoo, we went to Cafe Zupas which just recently opened at Station Park (near our house) and I highly recommend it! So good! It was a fun day!

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Superheros!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

We Love Museums

Yesterday, we took Skye to the Museum of Ancient Life in Lehi. My parents watched Jack so we could spend the day just with Skye. As Lance said, we wanted her to know that we still love her and think she's special even though we have to spend so much of our time now taking care of Jack. The first room we went into was the discovery room. It was so much fun! I felt like I was a little kid too! There were so many neat things to look at, do, and experiment with.
 There were other things Skye liked a lot like this cave!
 The dinosaur skeletons were very impressive! And very large!

 We played with toy dinosaurs, as if we don't do that every single day at home anyway!

 Skye's just barely taller than it's foot!
 Here we are in front of a bunch of different skulls--some ancient and some from animals we know and see today.
 According to Skye, this is her pet dinosaur who likes being with other dinosaurs so she stays at the museum  to be with the other dinosaurs.
This was another favorite of Skye's. She played here for quite awhile. One of the things I love about her is how good she is at making friends. I hope it is a quality that will always stay with her.
We also saw this really cool 3-D movie about pterosaurs (flying dinosaurs). It was a really fun day. I'm glad we got to do something fun with Skye and something fun for us! If anyone is looking for a great place for their kids and themselves, I would definitely recommend this place!