Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jack's First Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday was Jack's first visit to the zoo! It was the perfect day for it. Jack did really well. He loves to be outside. Here he is looking at the elephant.
 And here he is being fed in the baby carrier! 
 We didn't stay as long as we usually would, but it was still a fun trip. I wanted to get a picture of Jack and Skye in front of the zoo, but Jack was asleep when we got there and then asleep again when we left. So this one will have to do!
My favorite part was watching the tigers. I LOVE tigers. I think they are the most beautiful creatures on the face of the planet. This one was actually growling! It was sooooo cool!
After the zoo, we went to Cafe Zupas which just recently opened at Station Park (near our house) and I highly recommend it! So good! It was a fun day!


Cookie said...

Jack is even good at the zoo! What a good boy he is! Hearing the tiger growl is something I don't ever remember. Must have been a good day indeed!

Jess said...

I need to stop looking at these on Google Reader- I don't leave my comments when I look through there!

Anyway, I loved the kids superhero shirts. So cute! And I impressed that you took your baby to the zoo. You must have a pretty good baby!