Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Preschool Musical!

Skye graduated today! From preschool! It was really cute. They had a whole graduation ceremony. It was fun seeing them come out in caps and sunglasses!
I really loved her preschool and her teachers. She learned so much and did so many fun crafts and art projects. It was definitely better than anything I could have done with her!

Their program was just a bunch of songs they have learned. That is another thing I have loved about this preschool--they have done so much with music! The kids were all so cute and did a great job. It was a really fun graduation ceremony!
Getting her diploma!
With her teachers, Miss Denise and Miss Angela.

Here she is with her friend (and fellow carpooler), Brooklyn. Brooklyn wouldn't smile because she had a creamy in her hand. Apparently she thought her mom should have held it for her! Silly girls!


Jess said...

There is NO WAY that little one is ready for Kindergarten! I refuse to believe it! I am glad you found a great Preschool.

Cookie said...

These pictures and videos make me smile in my heart! What a fun time Skye has had in preschool. I'm glad I was able to be to this graduation--it was too cute for words.