Thursday, December 31, 2009

More I Forgot

I forgot about this picture of Skye meeting Santa for the first time. It was at the ward Christmas party. She acted really shy, but had a smile on her face the whole time. The only lame thing was that they wouldn't let the kids sit on Santa's lap. What's up with that? Hopefully we'll see Santa somewhere next year where she can sit on his lap. That is the tradition afterall. I also forgot to post these pictures of Skye in her beautiful Christmas dress that I got at Kohl's for 65% off two days after Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas: The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas, we went to the McCormick train park in Scottsdale. It's this really fun place with trains all over, an awesome playground, and fun things like this:
I got some more pictures of her playing on this really cool playground, but the camera was acting up so this is the only one that turned out. She loved this slide thing, though.
They also had this mini, old western town thing set up that was fun to play on. Here's Skye running on top of it.
In the stagecoach.
Driving the stagecoach.
A cute picture of Lance.
Skye loves tunnels so here's a picture of her going through one!
Lance's best burnout I'm-in-jail look!
Skye was climbing on this post and would then jump off into my arms. Soon, she wanted Lance to jump off it so she could catch him! Here they are getting ready.
Since it is a train park, they have this little train you can ride on around the park.
Just before leaving the station!
I'm glad we got to go through a tunnel!

After we rode the train, we went out to eat, then came back to catch the train that goes through this really cool Christmas lights area, but the line was so long, we would have had to wait for hours. Instead, we went on the carousel and then got pictures with some of Skye's favorite characters that were there.
She kept patting Clifford's nose. We want to go back to see the lights before they get taken down, but this time we'll go early enough to get in line first!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas: Christmas Day

This is what Skye found when she woke up Christmas morning. She found Snow White and Cinderella in her stocking and was soon fascinated by their feet!
Opening presents...

After she had opened all her presents, we had one more surprise waiting for her in the garage. My parents got her this easel to paint on. She immediately loved it! She loves to do whatever Daddy does so it will be fun to see the two of them painting together!
Working on her first masterpiece!
Amidst the mess.
After opening presents, we walked to this fountain/pond near our house to feed the ducks.

Skye loves feeding the ducks! It was such a nice day, we also went to South Mountain Park after eating lunch and taking a nap, but I forgot to take the camera.
The ducks.
I wanted to get a picture of Skye playing with this Snow White cleaning set I got for her, but she had other ideas.
I finally got one, though.
Some of the other things she got were some books, slippers, clothes, and a princess nightgown.
I made a big Christmas dinner for Lance and me, starting off with this delicious peanut slaw. It is soooo yummy! And healthy, too.
I told Lance it would have been nicer making this big meal if we'd been able to share it with family. It was kind of strange with just the two of us eating while Skye watched a movie in the background, but it was still a nice Christmas and we're grateful for what we got and we are grateful for the birth of our Savior.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas: Christmas Eve

I have too many Christmas pictures so I'm putting them on in stages. Christmas eve we went to Zoo Lights again and we liked it even more this year. I love this palm tree.

We thought this scene with all of the different colored trees was really cool.
He he he...!

They have a talking giraffe named Jengo. This guy asked if we wanted a picture of all of us with Jengo and I thought that was a good idea. Too bad he didn't get the top of Jengo! We thought Skye would love a talking giraffe, but instead she was quite shy and didn't want to say anything to him. Silly girl.
Lance and I both loved these trees.
A lot of the next pictures are a bit blurry because I didn't have anywhere to set the camera to steady it. But they are worth seeing anyway!

This is a javelina for those of you who might not know what one is. We thought it was funny they had one at the zoo when these things just run wild here!
The Komodo Dragon!

Skye had tons of fun running around these elephants.

Zoo Lights is definitely a tradition we'll want to keep if we stay in Phoenix.