Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Fun

Skye and I made it to Utah a couple of weeks ago. The reason for our visit was to help my parents, both of which had had major surgery recently and were a little disabeled. Luckily, we still found time to have some fun in the snow. It was snowing as we drove home from the airport and Skye was so excited she had to go play in it as soon as we got to Papa and Cookie's house!
She got cold and soaked, but it was so much fun to see her happily playing in it. The last time she saw snow was when she was just a baby so it was pretty exciting to see this stuff that she now only sees on her favorite shows like Caillou and Curious George.
I bought her some snow pants and boots as soon as I could, then joined in the fun.

Of course we made snowmen!
Skye's snowman with a hat that looks a little like a bunny!
Uncle Trav's snowman who also played in the snow with us.
And my snowman! It was fun seeing the snow and feeling the cool weather. The sixties back here in Phoenix have been feeling pretty hot after the cold weather in Utah.


LindaDC said...

What great pictures!! The snowmen were cute, and of course, Skye was especially cute!

Jess said...

I LOVE Skye's hat (not just the one that made her snowman look like a bunny- the purple one on her head too). Emmett views snow with the same novelty as Skye. I doubt our snowmen will look as good as yours. :)

Cookie said...

Yay for the snow pictures! I've been waiting for them! It sure was fun watching all of you play in the snow. Maybe next year I can join you in some snow fun!

Lance said...

My favorite is the one with Skye running in the snow. Her trademark pose of one foot forward and one foot back is great. Every time I see one of those it makes me smile.