Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas: The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas, we went to the McCormick train park in Scottsdale. It's this really fun place with trains all over, an awesome playground, and fun things like this:
I got some more pictures of her playing on this really cool playground, but the camera was acting up so this is the only one that turned out. She loved this slide thing, though.
They also had this mini, old western town thing set up that was fun to play on. Here's Skye running on top of it.
In the stagecoach.
Driving the stagecoach.
A cute picture of Lance.
Skye loves tunnels so here's a picture of her going through one!
Lance's best burnout I'm-in-jail look!
Skye was climbing on this post and would then jump off into my arms. Soon, she wanted Lance to jump off it so she could catch him! Here they are getting ready.
Since it is a train park, they have this little train you can ride on around the park.
Just before leaving the station!
I'm glad we got to go through a tunnel!

After we rode the train, we went out to eat, then came back to catch the train that goes through this really cool Christmas lights area, but the line was so long, we would have had to wait for hours. Instead, we went on the carousel and then got pictures with some of Skye's favorite characters that were there.
She kept patting Clifford's nose. We want to go back to see the lights before they get taken down, but this time we'll go early enough to get in line first!


Jess said...

I love seeing everything you guys do- you definitely have more day trips than just about anyone I know! I love it! My kids would totally envy Skye's meeting Clifford.

Cookie said...

I love Skye's wide open mouth as she's waiting to "catch" Daddy as he jumps down! Once again, very fun pictures. And amazing to see you all again in your coats and mittens! BTW, it's snowing here again!!!