Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some More Pictures From Utah

This was a common sight when we were at my parent's. Skye LOVED having my mom read to her. It was one of her favorite things to do. She also liked getting rides on this which my mom used to help her after her hip surgery.
We got to see my cousin, Kakoli, who is going on a mission to Toronto the end of January. I thought it might be the last time I'd see her for awhile, but now we're hoping she stops by Phoenix for a visit before leaving!
I thought Skye looked so cute in this little outfit I put together for her, but she did not want her picture taken! I had to chase her all over the place as she'd run and hide.
Poor thing...ha ha ha!
I finally got a cute one of her and it had to be blurry! Grrr. Oh well, I am putting it on here anyway!
This one's cute, too, though.
What a classic picture--diaper haning out and underwear hanging out!
Halloween isn't really over, is it?
She's so silly!
As I just said, she's so silly!
Trying to get Uncle Nay-Nay to wear the wig...
She finally got it on him.
Skye had lots of fun playing with Aunt Millie and Uncle Nay-Nay of course! She loves to see them.


Lance said...

Cute blurry picture, babe. Maybe we should get an SLR camera some day.

Tacy said...

I'd love an SLR camera--then I'd definitely have to take a photography class.

Cookie said...

But who is that old lady in those pictures with Skye? LOL! Such great memories of having Skye here to "help" us recuperated. And what we'd have done without Tacy, I don't know! I'm so glad for this blog to always have cute pictures of Skye so we can reminisce a lot. She's definitely Cookie's and Papa's little princess!