Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Skye got a new Hello Kitty shirt for Valentine's. She loves Hello Kitty, though she calls her Mimi. Awhile back, my mom promised to buy her any kitty of her choice and she picked out a Hello Kitty stuffed animal. She didn't know who Hello Kitty was so she named her Mimi. She now has "Mimi" panties, stickers, and this shirt as well!Here she is getting an airplane ride from Daddy. They sure have fun together!

Last Friday, she had a Valentine's party with a few of her friends. From left to right, we have Jocelyn, Brooklyn, Skye, and Laura. They had so much fun playing together, making Valentine's, and decorating cookies. I'm so happy she's found some friends. It's fun having parties for your kids!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed--the Bald Eagle, That Is

Yesterday afternoon, we went out to Farmington Bay to see all of the bald eagles. It was a nice day and we saw over a dozen of them. Here are some of our pictures.

It was so incredible seeing so many of these huge, majestic birds, especially when they took flight!

Most of the time, though, they just hung out on the ice with seagulls, hawks, and some other water birds.

If anyone is looking for a fun activity for yourself or with kids, you should totally head out there!