Friday, October 30, 2009

What We Did With Our Pumpkins

Besides the pumpkin Skye got from the pumpkin patch, I bought two more for Lance to carve or a better word would be "create." Skye had to help him once she saw the tools, of course. Last year, she had tons of fun helping my mom pull the guts out of the pumpkin. This year, she wanted nothing to do with it other than to watch and point.
I finally got her to stick her hand in, but she quickly removed it before anything got on it.
I got some paints for Skye to use on her cute, little pumpkin. She loved painting it!
Here's the final product! Quite beautiful for a two-year-old, I'd say.And here's what Lance created using his drill.
In the end, he just cut some of it out, but I thought it turned out great and spooky!
Skye wanted the last pumpkin to be a puppy. I thought it turned out pretty good, too!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let the Halloween Fun Begin!

The real reason we went to the botanical gardens on Saturday (see previous post) was for the pumpkin patch. We got to the patch via this hay ride pulled by these horses. It was fun!
There was one obstacle to the patch, though. You had to get through this hay maze.

Skye probably could have spent all day just playing in there! She had tons of fun running around and chasing after Daddy.
She finally came out, though, and found her pumpkin. (Kids under 12 got a free one.)
It was a little pumpkin, but heavy for our little girl! She loved picking it up, anyway.
Roaming through the patch...
An added bonus was the little petting zoo they had. I think Skye's favorite was this pig...
or maybe the soft, woolly sheep...
or then again, it might have been this pony!
Here we are trying to pose for a picture, but Skye (being her usual self) turned away. What can you do? We had a fun time, though, and this is only the beginning...ha ha ha ha ha!

Butterflies or Buttyflutties?

On Saturday, we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens and got to see hundreds of monarchs that were on display during their migration to Mexico. It was quite amazing and they were very beautiful.

Just hanging around...
In flight...

Of course Skye LOVED the buttyflutties (as she calls them). She chased them all over and tried to catch them. It was a fun thing to see.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Skye Loves Fire Trucks

Thanks to my friend, Michelle, we got to go on a tour of the fire station last week with some other families. Skye loves trucks so I knew she'd enjoy it. The firemen gave out fire fighter hats to all of the kids.
I took this picture of Skye next to the wheel of one of the trucks to show just how big they are! She wasn't even quite as tall as that tire!
One of the fun things they got to do was go on one side of the biggest fire truck and then get out on the other side. Unfortunately both pictures I took of Skye in the truck were totally blurry. I thought she'd love being in the truck, but she and another girl her age both got scared not knowing where their moms had went and came out the other side with the same scared, pouting expression. It was pretty funny. And then when we tried taking one final group picture, Skye got something in her eye and wouldn't stop rubbing it so this is just how it turned out. Oh well! It really was fun and Skye and all the other kids really seemed to enjoy it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese's

My mom and I took Skye to Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time just before I came back to Phoenix. She was soooo excited to go. She had no idea what it was, but has seen and heard it a million times watching PBS so she couldn't wait to go. It was fun to see her excitement. I thought she would be most interested in the rides... but as you can see from her expression, she didn't care for them too much.
There's almost a smile...
In the end, it was the games that she had fun with, like this Spongebob bowling game.

She also had fun dancing on the movie screen, but wouldn't do it much for the camera (of course). Overall, it ended up being pretty fun and I'm just waiting for the opportunity to take her again!

Here's one of the games Skye liked playing at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Skye Loves Museums

I think Skye had been missing our weekly trips to the Children's Museum in Phoenix because she kept saying that she wanted to go to the museum. So last week, we took her to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. She loved all the percussion instruments, of course!

She also loved this big "tent" (really a tepee).

I thought she'd like the fire truck, but she only held still enough to get a quick photo and then was off to... this fun train.
She loved climbing on the train. She also had fun growling at a boy who was also on it. Luckily, the boy's dad thought this was funny and started laughing along with us.
She loves cows, but wanted nothing to do with milking this one. So I did it instead!
She had fun riding this horse and wearing a cowgirl hat...
at least for a little while! We sure have had some fun times here in Utah!

Skye Loves Dinosaurs

Skye has been obsessed with dinosaurs lately. She loves running around the house growling, saying she is a dinosaur, telling you you better run, and then chasing you while growling. So we took her to the dinosaur park/museum in Ogden again to find it decked out for Halloween.
But Skye wanted to splash in puddles...

more than get her picture taken next to a dinosaur.
But we finally got some!