Monday, October 5, 2009

Skye Loves Dinosaurs

Skye has been obsessed with dinosaurs lately. She loves running around the house growling, saying she is a dinosaur, telling you you better run, and then chasing you while growling. So we took her to the dinosaur park/museum in Ogden again to find it decked out for Halloween.
But Skye wanted to splash in puddles...

more than get her picture taken next to a dinosaur.
But we finally got some!

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Cookie said...

Funny to see Skye all decked out in her summer attire with the dinosaurs, then to see her in long sleeves at the Treehouse museum! Utah weather, eh? It was definitely an interesting time at the dinosaur park. If only we'd had the pizza with us at the time, she'd have been more likely to have her picture taken with the dinosaurs! She was hungy as one! I'm missing you both already! So glad I have the blog to check out all the time. It was fun to have you both here.