Monday, October 19, 2009

Skye Loves Fire Trucks

Thanks to my friend, Michelle, we got to go on a tour of the fire station last week with some other families. Skye loves trucks so I knew she'd enjoy it. The firemen gave out fire fighter hats to all of the kids.
I took this picture of Skye next to the wheel of one of the trucks to show just how big they are! She wasn't even quite as tall as that tire!
One of the fun things they got to do was go on one side of the biggest fire truck and then get out on the other side. Unfortunately both pictures I took of Skye in the truck were totally blurry. I thought she'd love being in the truck, but she and another girl her age both got scared not knowing where their moms had went and came out the other side with the same scared, pouting expression. It was pretty funny. And then when we tried taking one final group picture, Skye got something in her eye and wouldn't stop rubbing it so this is just how it turned out. Oh well! It really was fun and Skye and all the other kids really seemed to enjoy it.


lance said...

Its too bad that she is weeping on the last picture. Someone should have picked her up and put her on the bumper

Cookie said...

I hope you have more of those fun outings with other mommies and kids. I always loved field trips! Good thing there are moms like Michelle that seem to figure out all these fun places to go and things to do. Better not lose track of her! Skye looks so cute in her little skirt outfits. I especially like her picture in the fireman's hat. We miss her tons! Wish she was here to kiss everyone better!