Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese's

My mom and I took Skye to Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time just before I came back to Phoenix. She was soooo excited to go. She had no idea what it was, but has seen and heard it a million times watching PBS so she couldn't wait to go. It was fun to see her excitement. I thought she would be most interested in the rides... but as you can see from her expression, she didn't care for them too much.
There's almost a smile...
In the end, it was the games that she had fun with, like this Spongebob bowling game.

She also had fun dancing on the movie screen, but wouldn't do it much for the camera (of course). Overall, it ended up being pretty fun and I'm just waiting for the opportunity to take her again!


Jess said...

PBS is the only reason Emmett had ever heard of Chuck E. Cheese also, and those commercials don't let the kids even see what on earth it is! I signed up for their e-mails so I can get coupons.

I love Skye's facial expressions. It's so obvious she didn't enjoy those rides! Funny girl.

Cookie said...

That turned out to be a pretty fun adventure for our little Skye! You should have mentioned how she loved running around all the games and stuff. She had a lot of fun trying to outmaneuver us when we were chasing her! Sure makes me miss her to see these postings!!!