Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've been a slacking blogger lately (not that anyone cares). I've actually been kinda busy lately, strangely enough. But I have a little time now so I thought I'd just do some rambling. I'm in Utah right now, but unfortunately Skye is sick again and I haven't been feeling very good, either. But I wasn't feeling so bad that I couldn't enjoy some time with Lance before he flew back to Phoenix. The only time we ever get to go on a date is when we visit my parents so it isn't something that happens all that often. For anyone who has never been to a laser show at Clark Planetarium (or elsewhere where they have them), but has ever thought about it, GO TO A SHOW!!!! We went to a U2 laser show there on Monday night and it was soooo cool! It was totally worth the expensive FrontRunner tickets we paid for to get down to Salt Lake! Both of us left the show feeling totally inspired.

Then, yesterday afternoon before Lance's flight left, we spent some time in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I know I say a lot of good things about Phoenix on my blog and that is because it is a really great place and I love living there, love it a million times more than living in Orangeville, but being in the mountains made me long to be here. It was so beautiful, peaceful, and inspiring. It made me sad, in a way, that we couldn't have moved to Salt Lake. It's great to be able to experience life outside of Utah, but for those who still live here, don't take it for granted because there are a lot of amazing things about it. I do wish there were mountains around Phoenix.

Anyway, there's my ramblings. There will be more pictures and movies and stuff added as soon as I can. Until then...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Husband Tag

When I was "tagged" awhile back with questions about Skye, it made me think about my friends who don't have kids. And I started thinking about husbands instead. There are some of you bloggers out there that have husbands I know pretty well, but most of them I really don't. So I thought it would be fun to start a "husband tag." Here are my answers about my husband.

Name: Lance David Stine

Birthday: July 20, 1972

Where from: Originally Farmington, Utah, but spent most of his years in and around Salt Lake

Job: Computer Programmer for NIC USA

Favorite T.V. show: I can't say, he rarely ever watches t.v. When he does it is usually the news or basketball

Favorite book: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Hobbies, interests: Anything that is outside like hiking, climbing, camping, or just hanging out. He also likes swimming, excercising, yoga, meditation, and reading

Favorite Foods: Anything that is healthy

What you like about him: He is a good person, he's very wise, he's fun, he's a great dad who likes to do fun crazy things with our daughter, he's attractive and strong, and he loves me

Any other interesting facts: Something I think is interesting is all of the climbing trips he used to go on, including to other countries--he's been to France and to Canada to climb. He also lived in Hawaii for six months picking pineapples

Now (for those who are interested) I tag Jessica, Camille, Alexis, Becky, Jenn, Elise, and Emily

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Columbus Day Adventure

Lance got Columbus Day off Monday so we decided to go on a little vacation up into the mountains to go climbing. We left Sunday afternoon and stayed the night in Payson, this really cool mountain town about 90 miles north of Phoenix. After eating our grilled buffalo burgers, we enjoyed the nice, cool weather at a park we found. Skye had soooo much fun throwing her ball and chasing it all over the parking lot. I have a great video of her that I'll put on later.

We enjoyed this beautiful sunset over the pond at the park.

Monday morning, we went to a place called Jack's Canyon to climb. I thought we were going to have to turn back because of the cold. The freezing wind that was blowing didn't help either. Skye looked so cute in her hat, but it is a little big so it kept falling down over her eyes. She wasn't very happy in the cold, but luckily, once we got into the canyon, the wind vanished and we had only beautiful sunlight to warm things up. Skye had fun playing outside and climbing over little rocks while Lance and I had fun climbing up the big rock wall. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of us climbing. It's kind of hard to take a picture when you are belaying someone and trying to keep an eye on your energetic daughter! Overall, it was a great trip!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

I guess I should really say, "Skye, I have a feeling we're not in Utah anymore." But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Utah is definitely home and there are things that I miss like family, friends, big mountains and canyons, the smell of the Great Salt Lake. But Phoenix has some great things to offer, too. It may not have Utah's mountains, but it has desert mountains that are pretty amazing and beautiful as well. We went to Camelback mountain today to scope out the climbing there and it was awesome! It had some amazing views and some fun looking climbing. Skye was so happy to be outside and wanted to do everything we were doing. She saw us climbing on the boulders so she wanted to climb on them, too. And she's actually getting pretty good at the climbing thing these days. It's our dream come true as parents!
This is one of the rare moments that she actually let one of us hold her. She wanted to be down and playing around most of the time.
Our climbing girl!

She had to climb up this step first...
and then she wanted to get on the rock with me!
It was such a nice day today! The weather is finally good! It was great to enjoy the cool, fresh air. It even rained a little bit. The sky and the green beneath looked beautiful!
Here's Skye, once again, wanting to do what we were doing. She hiked up the trail a lot of the way--with help, but she did not want to be carried.
Here's a picture of all of us on Camelback Mountain!
She kept wanting to climb the rocks. We found this nice, little, baby sized one for her to try out.
One last picture looking out on Phoenix. We had a great day.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Cutest Picture Ever!

Isn't this the cutest picture of Skye ever?!!!!! I just love it! I took it the other morning just after she woke up. She found her hat on the floor, put it on, and just started playing. I ran to grab the camera because I thought she looked so cute and I just happened to get lucky enough to get her in this extremely perfect pose. I think I might frame it and put it up in our living room it is so cute! Just had to share!