Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Columbus Day Adventure

Lance got Columbus Day off Monday so we decided to go on a little vacation up into the mountains to go climbing. We left Sunday afternoon and stayed the night in Payson, this really cool mountain town about 90 miles north of Phoenix. After eating our grilled buffalo burgers, we enjoyed the nice, cool weather at a park we found. Skye had soooo much fun throwing her ball and chasing it all over the parking lot. I have a great video of her that I'll put on later.

We enjoyed this beautiful sunset over the pond at the park.

Monday morning, we went to a place called Jack's Canyon to climb. I thought we were going to have to turn back because of the cold. The freezing wind that was blowing didn't help either. Skye looked so cute in her hat, but it is a little big so it kept falling down over her eyes. She wasn't very happy in the cold, but luckily, once we got into the canyon, the wind vanished and we had only beautiful sunlight to warm things up. Skye had fun playing outside and climbing over little rocks while Lance and I had fun climbing up the big rock wall. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of us climbing. It's kind of hard to take a picture when you are belaying someone and trying to keep an eye on your energetic daughter! Overall, it was a great trip!


Cookie said...

I always love new postings on the blog!! Love the pictures of the lake and sunset. Glad you were able to get away and have another outdoor adventure--with grilled buffalo burgers and all! Skye does love to be outside! She looks cute in her hat, even when it's over her eyes!

Lance Stine said...

post the movie!

Jess said...

I seem to remember Skye did not like her first camping trip- not being in her own bed and all. Did she handle the tent better this time?

Tacy said...

We actually stayed in a hotel and she did pretty good sleeping in the bed with us, though maybe not as good as in her own bed at home. We wanted to camp, but it was getting late, was very cold, and we still had over an hour's drive to Jack's Canyon so we bailed to a hotel in Payson instead. Guess we still have to try the camping thing out again later!