Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've been a slacking blogger lately (not that anyone cares). I've actually been kinda busy lately, strangely enough. But I have a little time now so I thought I'd just do some rambling. I'm in Utah right now, but unfortunately Skye is sick again and I haven't been feeling very good, either. But I wasn't feeling so bad that I couldn't enjoy some time with Lance before he flew back to Phoenix. The only time we ever get to go on a date is when we visit my parents so it isn't something that happens all that often. For anyone who has never been to a laser show at Clark Planetarium (or elsewhere where they have them), but has ever thought about it, GO TO A SHOW!!!! We went to a U2 laser show there on Monday night and it was soooo cool! It was totally worth the expensive FrontRunner tickets we paid for to get down to Salt Lake! Both of us left the show feeling totally inspired.

Then, yesterday afternoon before Lance's flight left, we spent some time in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I know I say a lot of good things about Phoenix on my blog and that is because it is a really great place and I love living there, love it a million times more than living in Orangeville, but being in the mountains made me long to be here. It was so beautiful, peaceful, and inspiring. It made me sad, in a way, that we couldn't have moved to Salt Lake. It's great to be able to experience life outside of Utah, but for those who still live here, don't take it for granted because there are a lot of amazing things about it. I do wish there were mountains around Phoenix.

Anyway, there's my ramblings. There will be more pictures and movies and stuff added as soon as I can. Until then...

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Jess said...

WHAT do you mean nobody cares about your blog sabbatical? I figured you were in UT so maybe that's why it was blank, but I still love to read what's going on! If you don't post for anybody else, just drop a picture every so often for your poor little Texan... :)