Saturday, October 4, 2008

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

I guess I should really say, "Skye, I have a feeling we're not in Utah anymore." But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Utah is definitely home and there are things that I miss like family, friends, big mountains and canyons, the smell of the Great Salt Lake. But Phoenix has some great things to offer, too. It may not have Utah's mountains, but it has desert mountains that are pretty amazing and beautiful as well. We went to Camelback mountain today to scope out the climbing there and it was awesome! It had some amazing views and some fun looking climbing. Skye was so happy to be outside and wanted to do everything we were doing. She saw us climbing on the boulders so she wanted to climb on them, too. And she's actually getting pretty good at the climbing thing these days. It's our dream come true as parents!
This is one of the rare moments that she actually let one of us hold her. She wanted to be down and playing around most of the time.
Our climbing girl!

She had to climb up this step first...
and then she wanted to get on the rock with me!
It was such a nice day today! The weather is finally good! It was great to enjoy the cool, fresh air. It even rained a little bit. The sky and the green beneath looked beautiful!
Here's Skye, once again, wanting to do what we were doing. She hiked up the trail a lot of the way--with help, but she did not want to be carried.
Here's a picture of all of us on Camelback Mountain!
She kept wanting to climb the rocks. We found this nice, little, baby sized one for her to try out.
One last picture looking out on Phoenix. We had a great day.


Jess said...

It makes sense that a kid would take on the interests of their parents, but it still is fun to see anyway! I wonder just how quick she'll be able to do it all herself!

Cookie said...

Wow! There'll be no stopping her now! Hiking, climbing--she should be ready for the camping scene soon. She's definitely the little outdoor girl! I love the pics!

Alexis said...

Your hair is soooo cute! I love it! I'm glad that you guys are finding places to climb!