Sunday, August 29, 2010

The View

Before I put up some pictures of the inside of our new house (which we are slowly organizing and decorating), I thought I'd share some pictures of the view we have from our second story deck. It's pretty incredible. We love the huge, empty field right behind us. There are a lot of similar looking pictures because I just couldn't decide which ones were best. This first one is looking west. Ben Lomond to the north.
We have a great view for sunsets!

Another sunset.

And yet more sunsets!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wildflower Overload

Lance and I were able to spend last weekend at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird. Friday evening, we drove up the road to Albion Basin, near Alta, to see the wildflowers. We found out that Albion Basin has the third most abundant wildflowers in the nation! It was one of the most spectacular and beautiful things I've ever seen! Here's the first picture I took. The next few posts on my blog are my favorite pictures Lance and I took.
Here's a hillside totally covered in flowers.

We were especially impressed with the paintbrush. There were soooo many different colors and shades.

I think the red paintbrush were my favorite flowers, but the purple varieties were great, too. It was all amazing!

There were plenty of these little guys scampering around!

Lance took this picture, of course!
The yellow flowers really stood out.

I wanted Lance to get a picture of me with the flowers. He took this one unknown to me! It's definitely a candid picture, but I actually really like it!
I liked these dark purple flowers.
Hummingbirds were also quite abundant. We could hear their wings buzzing and see them zooming up and down.
Look at this amazing picture Lance got! I told Lance that I thought we were getting to be good enough photographers now that we should be able to make money from it!

We were surprised to see yellow paintbrush. I'd never seen yellow before. These are some of my best pictures, I think.

We saw this mom moose with two babies.
I look weird in this picture, but it just shows the abundance of flowers. We really liked this field that was strewn with yellow flowers.

Afternoon and evening are the best time to see the flowers. That's when the colors come out the best because of the sun's angle. But you also have to watch out for afternoon storms, too!
Luckily, this one was hitting the valley, not us. It did come the next morning, though. After it stopped, we went climbing near a waterfall which was also a lot of fun.

To see more pictures from when my mom and I went, go to older posts. For some reason, blogger wouldn't show more than these two posts on one page.