Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Happenings

Lance's birthday was on the July 20. We started off the celebration with one of his favorite meals--black bean quesadillas. They are healthy and tasty! Then it was present time. As with most celebrations or functions, Skye kind of steals the spotlight. She was being cute and funny that night.
After dinner, we went to yogotogo, the new frozen yogurt shop in Kaysville. It is always delicious!
I think Skye enjoyed the yogurt (she took bites from everyone), but mostly she had fun climbing on the furniture. She loves that place!
A couple of months ago, our ward had a Luau. They had a pinata (don't aske me how those two things go together) for the kids and Skye loved it! So we told her we'd do one for Daddy's birthday. She couldn't wait to hit the thing!

She didn't like the blindfold, but she did have fun swinging at the pinata.
Daddy finally took a turn. After a couple of misses, he finally busted it with a good, hard blow.
It was filled with tootsie rolls, one of Skye's favorite candies. I thought she'd be more upset at the broken pinata, which had become a sort of toy to her. She named it Bullseye. However, she didn't seem too concerned. I guess she was more interested in all the candy loot!


Cookie said...

Skye will do almost anything for a tootsie roll! Like eating chicken! LOL! She does kind of draw our attention, doesn't she? But when one is that cute, why not??? And I'm now craving Yogotogo! Mmmmm....

Jess said...

Happy late Birthday, Lance!

Lance said...

It was a fun day indeed. Maybe every birthday will be for Skye for a few years.