Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

I didn't think I'd ever get tagged because I blog so much anyway, but hey, I'm not doing anything else right now and it sounds like fun.

Name and Meaning: Skye Leigh. Back during my Snow days (Snow College for those who don't know), for some reason the name Skye came into my head and I thought it was a beautiful name. I decided that if I ever got married and had a baby girl someday, I wanted to name her Skye. And then I did! Lance didn't object to the name. My mom liked the middle name Leigh, for me, but for some reason never gave it to me. I liked it, too, and thought it sounded beautiful with Skye. So that's how Skye Leigh came to be.

Age: 15 (almost 16) months

Nicknames: I call her little one and everyone else calls her baby Skye. Someday, they have got to stop (I have) because she isn't really a baby anymore, but that's just what everyone has always called her so I guess it's hard to not call her that anymore.

Favorite Activities: Swimming and playing outside. She loves to be outside more than anything!

Favorite Foods: Cheese and sweet fruits such as strawberries, peaches, pears, and mango.

Least Favorite Foods: Vegis, of course. About once or twice a week she will eat some peas or beans or something, but other than that she has become a very picky eater.

Favorite Toy: Her stuffed bunny is her absolute favorite thing. It is what she cuddles with when she sleeps. She always has to have her bunny. But after that, her new car and her doll stroller would probably be her favorites.

Favorite Book: She really likes the "lift-the-flap" books by Karen Katz, but I'm not sure that she really has a favorite, yet. She absolutely loves books, though!

Favorite item of clothing: Skye prefers to be naked (who doesn't?!) more than anything. But I guess these days, when it comes to clothes, she likes hats the best.

What makes her happy? Mommy, Daddy, Cookie, Papa, Trav, her bunny, food, juice, to be outside. These are just a few things.

What makes her sad? When Mommy has to go bye, when Mommy is around, but isn't giving her 100% of her attention 100% of the time. (This makes Mommy sad, too, because it means she has an incredibly difficult time getting anything done around the house.) And there could be some more things, but we'll just leave it at that.

Now I tag Becky, Sam, and Alison (If Becky ever sees this!)

A Day at Saguaro Lake

Like Father, like daughter! Skye loves to try and do all of the things we do. She especially likes to "excercise" with us. That was something she would do with grandpa while we were staying at his house. We went to Saguaro Lake this morning. Yes, there are actually quite a few lakes just outside of Phoenix. We didn't know what it would be like, but thought a day at the lake would be fun. Skye decided to try on her life jacket as we were getting ready to go this morning.
Here we are! Or here Skye is. I was disappointed in the beach. I was hoping for a nice sandy beach like the one at Millsite (where we've taken Skye before), but it wasn't very nice and was totally muddy. The first thing I did was slip and fall, scraping my knee up really bad. But the scenery was beautiful.
Lance blew up our new raft while we went to play in the water.
Skye made a little friend who also loved the water. He was so cute!
Skye had fun in the water except for every once in awhile when some mud would get stuck on her fingers or hands. She did not like that at all!
Here's Lance bringing Skye back from the beach so we could get the raft and try it out.The lake was pretty shallow where we were at so we just hung out and floated around a bit. It sure felt nice, though, being on the water like that. And how often do you get to hang out on a lake that is surrounded by saguaros?
Besides having fun in the raft, Skye also had a lot of fun climbing all over this rock.
She is getting to be a good little climber. That makes us so happy!
She had fun getting down into the water like this just before we left.
I'm sure she will make a good little swimmer someday, too!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Randomness

Here's Skye dragging my purse around in the wind a couple of weeks ago. Gee, I sure love it when she drags my purse around on the ground! Here's my little hippie girl!
Skye likes to play with our new iPod. We wonder if this could be a bad thing...

Return of the Crazy Hair

I keep wondering when Skye's hair is going to grow thicker and more evenly. But until then, we'll just deal with her crazy, thin hair. She woke up from a nap with this rooster tail in back one day. It's got to be one of her craziest hair moments ever!

My Good Little Helper

It's been hard, lately, to take pictures of Skye smiling because she always seems to have her hands (most of the time) or some other object in her mouth! But I thought this was cute anyway. She always looks cute in this hat and look at those blue eyes! Skye is such a good little helper already. She is really good at handing you the silverwear out of the dishwasher to put away. She loved to help do this at my mom and dad's house.
Of course, she has to let you know she has her hat on.
But then she keeps on helping!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


One of the main reasons I started a blog was because my mom always wanted pictures I'd taken of Skye. I decided it was a lot easier to put pictures on a blog than spend hours finding the pictures we'd taken of Skye on our computer and then burning them onto CDs to give to her. I take tons of pictures of Skye (as if you haven't already noticed) and have quite a few I've always meant to post on here, but have never gotten around to it. So I'm going to try and start posting more of those pictures for my mom and dad to see. Skye found this stocking at my parent's house and loved to put it on like a real sock. She'd happily walk around with it on and I thought she looked so funny! This is another funny, cute picture of her.
Skye and Chiang.
This one day she decided to play in the sprinklers.
She had a lot of fun.
But she got soaked, so we decided to just take her clothes off!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photography Freak

I guess I must be a photography freak because I take sooooo many pictures! I can't help it. That's what's so great about a digital camera. And since I live far from my family now, I really want to share the pictures I take so they can see what we (mostly Skye) are doing. This fountain is just outside of where Lance works. I'm not sure there could be a more beautiful, relaxing, and just plain cool place for him to work. I took Skye down there on Wednesday evening to pick Lance up. We had a lot of fun playing and hanging out before we came home, though.
She always has fun with water.
So do the pigeons! And Skye had fun chasing them around.
This picture is for my dad, of course!

There is a little stream and other fountains all over this area, as well as a mall that kind of reminded me of The Gateway in Salt Lake. The mall area isn't as big as The Gateway, at least not from what I saw of it, but it's the same general idea. Lance is very lucky to work right by this.
Look at those palm trees. We just still can't get over how cool it is that we live in this forest of palm trees!
Those little specs at the end of the lawn, beneath the palm trees (so cool!) are Skye and me.
She had a lot of fun just running around this lawn.
This is the building Lance works in.
This is Camelback Mountain with Phoenix in the foreground. I was surprised at how green it is. Usually deserts aren't so green, but all of the palm trees make it very green. It is quite amazing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our New Place

So I don't know yet whether I want to spend the rest of my life in Phoenix, but there are definitely some really cool things here, especially where we live. Nearly every kind of store or restaurant you could ever imagine is right down the road and what's not, isn't much further. And it is very beautiful here. Now that we've gotten most of our things put away, our home is a really nice place to be. We still have some organizing and a lot of decorating to do, but I thought I'd let everyone see how it looks now and how much we have accomplished! Here is the kitchen. It seems small, but actually has a lot more space than you'd think. The dining room with our new table.
Here are a bunch of pictures of the living room.

In this one, you can see the blinds on the left that cover a sliding door that leads out to our porch.
And here is one of the pools with those beautiful palm trees landscaping it!

Skye Gets a Sombrero

My friends, Ben and Norma, went to Mexico the end of August. Knowing how much Skye loves hats, they brought her back a sombrero. She was so excited about getting a new "hat." We love it and think she looks soooo cute in it!

For some reason, she wanted to go cruising in her car with her sombrero on.