Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Skye Gets a Sombrero

My friends, Ben and Norma, went to Mexico the end of August. Knowing how much Skye loves hats, they brought her back a sombrero. She was so excited about getting a new "hat." We love it and think she looks soooo cute in it!

For some reason, she wanted to go cruising in her car with her sombrero on.


Lance Stine said...

A cute hat indeed. This blog is starting to move too fast. Every time I look at it there are 2 or 3 new topics. I need more spare time at work to look at it.

Cookie said...

I hope Ben and Norma like the photos! Skye and her hats! I think every one-year-old should have a sombrero! Muchas gracias to Ben and Norma! P.S. I love you Baby Skye! XOXOXO