Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Journey to Phoenix

 Packing things up.

 Skye pretending to help.

 But just being cute instead.

 Lance unloading things in Phoenix.

 Getting some last pictures.

 Giving Tobie her last bone.

 At the Salt Lake Airport.

 Being silly at the airport.

 Seeing Bryce Canyon from the plane.

 Eating cheerios on the plane.

 The Grand Canyon.

 More of the Grand Canyon.

 Gotta love the finger up the nose.

 It's always fun...

 to get pictures...

 of clouds!

 Finally arriving in Phoenix.

 Skye decided to fall asleep right as we were landing.


 With Daddy again!



 Being silly again!

 A happy girl!

 There are cacti in Phoenix.

 And also beautiful flowering bushes.

 Taking a walk outside our townhome with Grandma.

 Someone refusing to hold still.

 Playing around.

 Grinning and happy in Phoenix.

But we might have to get a cat!

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