Monday, September 1, 2008

Rainy Days and the Zoo

We were hoping to take Skye to the zoo today for one last adventure before leaving for Phoenix. We were hoping for a nice day. Unfortunately, this is what it looked like outside instead. It was cold, gray, rainy, and hailing. It seemed like the zoo was out. But I can't complain. The cool, wet weather sure felt good after this hot summer.
And at least I got one last crab and avacado sandwich from Tasty's! I know the picture probably doesn't make it look all that apetizing, but the truth is that it is mmm mmm good!
And as usual, Skye enjoyed her cheese for lunch.
Besides sweet fruits, cheese is her favorite food. We got lucky, though. The rain stopped and the sun came out in the afternoon so we headed to the zoo with my family. Here we are with Uncle Trav, waiting to see the legendary...

Ghost of the Bayou! A white alligator is extremely rare, so it was pretty cool to see one, even if it did just sit there the whole time.
Looking at the elephants.
Riding the rhino.
Skye really liked the elephants and didn't want to leave them.

We liked the rhinos because they were running around and chasing each other. But anytime my mom tried to get a picture of them both, one would disappear. So she just got this one.

Skye liked the bears, too, and would occasionally growl while looking at them.
The penguins were also a lot of fun to watch.
But in the end, despite all of the cool animals we saw, this ball fountain thing was by far Skye's very favorite part of the zoo.

Our last adventure ended up being a lot of fun. And now this will be my last post before moving to Phoenix!


Cookie said...

I'm certainly glad about this blog so I can remember this summer and can continue to watch Skye grow--especially since my one and only grandchild is being ripped away from my heart!!! (any signs of guilt???) JK! I have loved having Tacy and Skye with us this summer. Pa and I will miss you all terribly, but we hope you will all love Phoenix and will be very happy there.

Jess said...

Good luck with the move to Phoenix. Hopefully everything goes well. Make sure you go to EVERYTHING Relief Society so you can meet other sisters!!

I miss Hogle Zoo. Our zoo doesn't have the arctic creatures, like the penguins. Maybe we would have had a better time if Emmett liked animals as much as Skye. He was interested in the fish and the sea otter, but that was about it!

Lance Stine said...

Looks like lots fun. Nice looking truck. I kid of miss it now.

Alexis and Josh said...

I wonder how rare the white allegators are cuz we have one at our zoo too, maybe they are the only 2, who know? We also have the big world water ball thing, Megan HAS TO touch it everytime, I dont get why it is so cool, but i guess it is. Good luck moving to AZ, I hope Skye is good for you, I'm sure it will be great to see Lance! Can't wait to see pictures!