Tuesday, September 23, 2008


One of the main reasons I started a blog was because my mom always wanted pictures I'd taken of Skye. I decided it was a lot easier to put pictures on a blog than spend hours finding the pictures we'd taken of Skye on our computer and then burning them onto CDs to give to her. I take tons of pictures of Skye (as if you haven't already noticed) and have quite a few I've always meant to post on here, but have never gotten around to it. So I'm going to try and start posting more of those pictures for my mom and dad to see. Skye found this stocking at my parent's house and loved to put it on like a real sock. She'd happily walk around with it on and I thought she looked so funny! This is another funny, cute picture of her.
Skye and Chiang.
This one day she decided to play in the sprinklers.
She had a lot of fun.
But she got soaked, so we decided to just take her clothes off!


Jess said...

That picture with the stocking is so funny! I think you have a little dress-up girl on your hands...

Cookie said...

Thank you, Tacy! We love to check out the blog and see our little angel. Oh yes, and we like to see pics of you and Lance, too!