Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day at Saguaro Lake

Like Father, like daughter! Skye loves to try and do all of the things we do. She especially likes to "excercise" with us. That was something she would do with grandpa while we were staying at his house. We went to Saguaro Lake this morning. Yes, there are actually quite a few lakes just outside of Phoenix. We didn't know what it would be like, but thought a day at the lake would be fun. Skye decided to try on her life jacket as we were getting ready to go this morning.
Here we are! Or here Skye is. I was disappointed in the beach. I was hoping for a nice sandy beach like the one at Millsite (where we've taken Skye before), but it wasn't very nice and was totally muddy. The first thing I did was slip and fall, scraping my knee up really bad. But the scenery was beautiful.
Lance blew up our new raft while we went to play in the water.
Skye made a little friend who also loved the water. He was so cute!
Skye had fun in the water except for every once in awhile when some mud would get stuck on her fingers or hands. She did not like that at all!
Here's Lance bringing Skye back from the beach so we could get the raft and try it out.The lake was pretty shallow where we were at so we just hung out and floated around a bit. It sure felt nice, though, being on the water like that. And how often do you get to hang out on a lake that is surrounded by saguaros?
Besides having fun in the raft, Skye also had a lot of fun climbing all over this rock.
She is getting to be a good little climber. That makes us so happy!
She had fun getting down into the water like this just before we left.
I'm sure she will make a good little swimmer someday, too!


Jess said...

It's neat that you guys take Skye on so many adventures. I probably ought to do that with Emmett, but I always wimp out. :)

Cookie said...

What fun these pictures are! I think my favorite, though, is of Skye exercising with Lance. She can still imitate perfectly! I'm glad exercise is still an important part of her life! Looks like you had a fun time at the lake. And by the way, that thing where Skye doesn't like mud stuck to her hands and feet...she got that from her Uncle Nathan! Glad you had another fun outdoor excursion.