Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frog Rock

Lance took Skye on a hike to frog rock (above Farmington) awhile ago while I was sick. Here are some pictures from their little journey!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hiking with Friends

Life has been so crazy lately. I have a lot to catch up on. A little over a week ago, we went on a little hike with our friends, the Busbys. We took our kids to Lisa falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The kids had fun playing in the ice cold water. And so did Lance!

Feeling the spray of the water!

I was amazed at what a good climber Lissie was--especially with wet, slippery feet!
The kids had a good time playing in this "house" someone built. Skye started gathering up sticks to add onto it! It was so cute! She loves building things. Maybe she'll be an architect someday!
Here she is getting a stick to build the roof.
Lance couldn't help but do a little climbing himself.

All the kids were inspired to do some climbing.

We had a great time being outside and being with friends. I hope it's something that happens more often!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Pictures of Our House

Here are some pictures of our new house. After we are done landscaping (something that has been taking a lot of our time), we can focus on other places inside. But here's the huge living room...
One of my favorite things is all the original artwork (done by Lance, of course) we have hung up.
The dining area.
The kitchen.
This is looking at the front door from the kitchen.
Here's Skye's bedroom. I LOVE her bedroom! And so does she!
The purple curtains don't match the plum color of the butterflies all that well, but I let Skye pick them out and purple is her favorite color.

Her closet.