Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Pictures of Our House

Here are some pictures of our new house. After we are done landscaping (something that has been taking a lot of our time), we can focus on other places inside. But here's the huge living room...
One of my favorite things is all the original artwork (done by Lance, of course) we have hung up.
The dining area.
The kitchen.
This is looking at the front door from the kitchen.
Here's Skye's bedroom. I LOVE her bedroom! And so does she!
The purple curtains don't match the plum color of the butterflies all that well, but I let Skye pick them out and purple is her favorite color.

Her closet.


Jess said...

Your house looks awesome! I need to see it in person. I love Skye's room too. I put a butterfly in Lissie's room in Texas also. Just shows that we are kindred spirits. :)

Cookie said...

Great pictures! I really do like your house more and more. I love the open feeling in it. Even if you had a lot of people there it wouldn't seem so crowded! You and Lance are doing some nice things with it. Can hardly wait to see Lance's masterpiece when the yard is all done!

Curtis & Elise said...

You bought a house! I didn't know that! Congrats, it's beautiful and I can't wait to see pictures of the yard... or even better, you should have a housewarming party when you think it's "ready"!

jennzech said...

I love it! I especially love Skye's room. Darling.