Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Pictures

About a week ago, we had family pictures taken. Of course Jack woke up right before and was hungry, so it was quite a trick getting him to cooperate and look good for them. He looks kind of funny in the one of the whole family, but the rest of us look good!
 A big sister loving her little brother!
 Skye always looks good for pictures. It's so unfair! She's so photogenic, knows how to pose, and loves all the attention put on her. She could probably be a model!

 And this was my favorite one of our little guy! He really is quite cute!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Month Already

Last Sunday was Jack's one month birthday. It's crazy how slow and fast time seems to go. In a way, it seems like he's been a part of our family forever, but at the same time, it seems just yesterday that I had him. I took these first two pictures on his "birthday."

Here are some more pictures of our cute, little guy! 
 So precious!

 I can't believe how much he's changed already. He's still a very good baby, though a little more demanding than the first week or two we had him. He used to do just fine hanging out in his bouncy chair, being ignored for long periods of time, but now he's more likely to put up a stink if you don't hold him a lot! 
 Another yawing picture!

 He's still a grunter, though. He doesn't make the cute, high pitched cooing noises that I remember so often from Skye--he just grunts! Totally a boy!
 I had to get a picture of him in this cute outfit my friend, Kara, got for him.
 Skye was quite excited about him wearing this tie-dye onesie that was hers as a baby (given to us by my good friend, Jessica!). She calls it the rainbow shirt! 
I may have already written this in another post, but I honestly was so nervous about having a boy and really struggled with it my whole pregnancy. But now that we have our Jack-Jack, I can't believe I could have wanted anything but him! I love having my boy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here are videos of Skye performing at the Festival of Trees. Doesn't she look cute waving and waiting to begin? She did sooooo good this year--definitely better than last year. She loves singing, performing, and being in the spotlight.

This is probably my favorite one because she does such a good job acting surprised and excited about the teddy bear Santa has left for Christmas. I just LOVE the expression she gives! She's quite the little actress!

She's got a solo in this one. You can't hear it that good, but even though she got up there a little late, she actually sang her part really well. I'm amazed at how far she has come. When she was younger, singing simply meant using a very high pitched voice. That was how she sang everything. It was actually really cute, but eventually she realized it wasn't how to sing. Last year she sang everything on pretty much the same note. While she certainly isn't perfect, she's much better at actually staying on key and knows how to sing from one note to the next. It's so much fun and so amazing to see how your kids grow and progress!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gingerbread Houses Not for Eating

The gingerbread houses at the Festival of Trees is one of my favorite parts. Here are some of my favorite ones.
 Is Flynn climbing Rapunzel's hair or hanging from it?
 Skye was happy to see Maximus, though I don't remember him having a purple bridle and saddle in the movie.
 There were a few beehives it seems like, but this was my favorite one.

 This castle was really big and really cool!

 Yep, that's a gingerbread outhouse!

 The Weasley's burrow--pretty creative!

Skye's Christmas Program

Skye had a Christmas program at preschool yesterday.  Her teachers do a lot with music, so it was a bunch of songs they've learned so far.  They were so cute!

 This Christmas chain they made at preschool has been one of Skye's favorite things.
 She still loves these reindeer antlers she made at the Festival of Trees.  She decided she wanted Woody to have some too.  That's our creative girl!
 Here she is just looking cute!

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's That Time Again!

It's Sunshine time again! Skye's first performance for the Christmas season was at the light parade in Kaysville. There were a few cool floats, but there were only a few floats period. It was actually a pretty pathetic parade.

 But at least we got to see Skye!
 Of course, one of the best performances is at the Festival of the Trees. Last year, these two spent most of the time throwing glitter at each other, but luckily, they've both grown up a little bit and did really well singing and performing this time!
 Skye sang so well! We were so proud of her.
 One of their songs is about getting a teddy bear from Santa.
 So cute! I'll be adding some video soon!
 After their performance, we took some time to look around at the Christmas trees. There were a lot of Up themed things there. I thought this tree was really cool!
 Enjoying some chocolate milk on Papa's lap!
 I wanted to get a family photo while we were there and this is the tree Skye wanted us to stand in front of.
 We also liked this Snoopy themed tree.

 Skye also had fun participating in some of the crafts.
 What a cute little reindeer!