Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a Time for a Baby to be Born

Thursday morning, I awoke to Skye climbing into our bed--the wind had woken her up. It sounded horrible. We stayed in bed a little longer, then Lance left for the bus stop to go to work. Shortly after, he returned home to say that I-15 was closed and the train shut down. (Later that day, we drove to Salt Lake to sign on refinancing out house and drove past three semi trucks that had been blown over by the wind.) A basketball stand and two fences hit his car on the way there. We saw all kinds of objects flying around outside. Then Lance said he had something sad to show us and led us to the window you can see Skye's swing set out of. Lance put this together last year and we spent many, many hours of fun with it this summer and fall. This is where it used to be and what it used to look like.
When we looked out the window, this is what we saw. Completely gone. I honestly almost started crying, thinking not just about how much money it cost us, but about how much time Lance put into setting it up and all the fun we had with it.
 Luckily, damage to our house was minimal compared to many others, but we did lose a few shingles.
 There's a hole in the siding.
 This is nothing compared to the big trees we saw that were uprooted in the older parts of Farmington and Kaysville, but Lance is sad it's gone.
 Here's what the swing set looks like now.
 And here's our nice picnic table Lance's mom found for us, blown over and the glass top shattered.
 And that's out internet dish which also put a little hole in the roof when it ripped off.
Eventually we lost power even though the wind finally died down a bit by noon. If I didn't have a newborn, I wouldn't have minded toughing it out as much, but it really was a scary experience. I honestly felt like Dorothy, like our house was going to get blown away. I tried taking a nap in the morning, but the bed was shaking too much. Winds here in Farmington got up to 88 miles per hour. My wonderful parents paid for us to stay at a hotel that night. We got power back later in the night, but our internet is still down, we have no phone, and our yard is still a mess due to having a new baby and the fact that Skye has been very sick the past few days. It's been a crazy experience and I'm just glad we've made it through.


Jess said...

Wow- where did the rest of your swing set go? Down the street? Sorry you had to go through that. How scary!

Colleen said...

That's horrible! I heard it was bad, but hearing it happen to someone you know is even worse!

Cookie said...

We can be thankful that our damages were minimal compared to so many others! Hopefully insurance coverage will help. It was definitely an experience! I'm just glad you and your little family made it through safely! And us, too!

LindaDC said...

Oh my goodness! We didn't know about your wind sad!! Sure enjoyed the pictures of Skye and Jack, however! What cuties they both are!