Monday, December 12, 2011

It's That Time Again!

It's Sunshine time again! Skye's first performance for the Christmas season was at the light parade in Kaysville. There were a few cool floats, but there were only a few floats period. It was actually a pretty pathetic parade.

 But at least we got to see Skye!
 Of course, one of the best performances is at the Festival of the Trees. Last year, these two spent most of the time throwing glitter at each other, but luckily, they've both grown up a little bit and did really well singing and performing this time!
 Skye sang so well! We were so proud of her.
 One of their songs is about getting a teddy bear from Santa.
 So cute! I'll be adding some video soon!
 After their performance, we took some time to look around at the Christmas trees. There were a lot of Up themed things there. I thought this tree was really cool!
 Enjoying some chocolate milk on Papa's lap!
 I wanted to get a family photo while we were there and this is the tree Skye wanted us to stand in front of.
 We also liked this Snoopy themed tree.

 Skye also had fun participating in some of the crafts.
 What a cute little reindeer!


Cookie said...

That was a fun day! Skye and Colton (right?) definitely matured since last year! Her little solo was the best one, too! FOT is pretty amazing--and so is Skye! Some time we'll get a picture of everyone when Jack is awake!

Lance Stine said...

Let's keep having more holiday fun