Monday, October 5, 2009

Skye Loves Museums

I think Skye had been missing our weekly trips to the Children's Museum in Phoenix because she kept saying that she wanted to go to the museum. So last week, we took her to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. She loved all the percussion instruments, of course!

She also loved this big "tent" (really a tepee).

I thought she'd like the fire truck, but she only held still enough to get a quick photo and then was off to... this fun train.
She loved climbing on the train. She also had fun growling at a boy who was also on it. Luckily, the boy's dad thought this was funny and started laughing along with us.
She loves cows, but wanted nothing to do with milking this one. So I did it instead!
She had fun riding this horse and wearing a cowgirl hat...
at least for a little while! We sure have had some fun times here in Utah!


Cookie said...

The Treehouse was a fun place to visit. We will definitely have to go there again the next time you are here. I wonder if she'll still be growling like a dinosaur then?

Lance Stine said...

So many pictures. That was a great vacation.

Nate & Millie said...

I love that she growled at the little boy!!! I'm so glad she had fun and got to see dinosaurs, big tents, and trains! I hope everything's great with your new house!