Saturday, October 3, 2009

In the Land of Autumn

Friday morning, I went on a hike in Big Cottonwood Canyon with my friend, Teresa. It was so amazing and beautiful with all of the leaves changing into their bright colors. Deeply breathing in the crisp, cool, fresh air was exhilarating and invigorating. This is what autumn is all about!

It was fun to see some snow along the way, too!

Ah, the mountains...
Looking down at the valley below, I couldn't believe how high we had climbed.

We loved seeing the fallen leaves in the snow.
So spectacular!


Cookie said...

Autumn in Utah! Could it get much better than this? We are so glad you were able to get away with Teresa and do something fun.

Lance Stine said...

It is sad that I missed out on fall. The wind is blowing here and it is cooler especially in the mornings. It is fall like and I like it. But it is more fall like up there.