Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Few Random Pictures

When we got to Utah, this is what the weather was like--cool and rainy. That's how it is again. After enduring a torturing hot summer in Phoenix, it's been the most glorious thing to experience! And Skye has had fun, too. My mom found this old, pink umbrella that I remember playing with when I was little for Skye to play with and she loves it!
She also loves these silly glasses and hey, you couldn't ask for a better nerd picture if you wanted to, right?
She still loves the drums and talks about being in the marching band when she's playing them. That sounds good to me!


lance said...

That is a great nerd picture. We should have her do a bunch of other stereotypes like that. It would be cool to have a collection.

Jess said...

A nerd in one picture and a drummer in another... some jocks may think they are the same, but us band geeks know better! :) She is too cute. Enjoy the UT snow! (heh heh)

Nate & Millie said...

Yay!! Another girl for drumline! I love her with that umbrella playing in the rain! We had so much fun with you guys last night, I wish you lived closer so we could see you more!

Cookie said...

Gotta love the nerd picture! Those glasses are so crazy! Just too bad the finger wasn't up the nose! Ha ha ha!! But seriously, the umbrella/rain pictures are so cute. I was always hoping for another piccolo player, but drumline would be just fine!