Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas: Christmas Day

This is what Skye found when she woke up Christmas morning. She found Snow White and Cinderella in her stocking and was soon fascinated by their feet!
Opening presents...

After she had opened all her presents, we had one more surprise waiting for her in the garage. My parents got her this easel to paint on. She immediately loved it! She loves to do whatever Daddy does so it will be fun to see the two of them painting together!
Working on her first masterpiece!
Amidst the mess.
After opening presents, we walked to this fountain/pond near our house to feed the ducks.

Skye loves feeding the ducks! It was such a nice day, we also went to South Mountain Park after eating lunch and taking a nap, but I forgot to take the camera.
The ducks.
I wanted to get a picture of Skye playing with this Snow White cleaning set I got for her, but she had other ideas.
I finally got one, though.
Some of the other things she got were some books, slippers, clothes, and a princess nightgown.
I made a big Christmas dinner for Lance and me, starting off with this delicious peanut slaw. It is soooo yummy! And healthy, too.
I told Lance it would have been nicer making this big meal if we'd been able to share it with family. It was kind of strange with just the two of us eating while Skye watched a movie in the background, but it was still a nice Christmas and we're grateful for what we got and we are grateful for the birth of our Savior.

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Cookie said...

What fun Christmas pictures! Isn't it funny the things that fascinate little ones (princess feet). It looks so beautiful and green in Phoenix while we are covered still in white snow! We are so glad she is enjoying her art set. It should be fun for her. And your Christmas dinner looked fabulous! Hopefully we can have a big Christmas dinner together next year. We love and miss you all!!!