Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Trees

My mom decided to get a little tree for Christmas this year since it would be a lot less work after their surgeries. Skye had a lot of fun helping, but since the bottom of the tree was the highest she could reach, that's where most of the ornaments went. It was so much fun watching her put up the ornaments.
When we got back from Utah, we went and bought a live tree. Skye was pretty psyched when Daddy got his tools out (to trim off some of the lower branches)!
Skye helped put on the lights.
She helped put on the angel.
And then she began putting the ornaments on the bottom of the tree! I guess she thought the front had gotten too full because she started putting a bunch of ornaments around the back of the tree.
Here's the final product.


Jess said...

How fun! Lucky Skye got to decorate two trees! What did she get for Christmas?

Cookie said...

Skye is quite the helpful little Christmas elf! She seems to have fun no matter what she decides to do!