Monday, May 21, 2012

Six Months and More Firsts

I know I've said it so many times before, but I still can't believe how big my baby boy is getting. He is a such a good, happy baby, I don't ever want him to get big! He was 17 pounds, 13 ounces at the doctor today which is only in the 55th percentile, but his weight seems to fluctuate a lot these days. He has actually weighed over 18 pounds this last month. And his height has slowed down a wee bit--in the 83rd percentile now instead of the 90th. But he's doing great!
 This last month has been a month of firsts. He's finally learned how to roll from his tummy to his back now. He already did it the other way around in his fourth month a few times, then never tried again. He can also inchworm around a little bit. He's got very strong legs, but his upper body isn't quite ready for crawling yet.
 Food is another first. He started eating solid foods including his first yams! Sometimes there is just something cute about a baby with food all over his face! To go along with the food, he also started getting his first teeth. Yes, I said teeth, not tooth. Both of his two front bottom teeth have come in together! I can no longer let him chew on my finger. Those are sharp teeth he's got!

Just tonight, he also went swimming for the first time. I thought about taking the camera, but decided I didn't want to have to worry about it getting wet or ruined. But sometime I'll get a picture of him in his cute swimming suit. I'm sure we'll go again soon--he LOVED it!

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Cookie said...

These are adorable pics of Jackson! He is such a cutie. It's so hard to have them grow up so fast. He is a lot of fun. Let me know sometime when you go swimming and I'll go jusst long enough to get some pics of you all having fun in the water. Then you won't have to worry about your camera.