Sunday, February 26, 2012

Three Months

Jack turned three months just over a week ago. I can't believe how fast the time flies. Jack is a very happy, smiley baby. He loves to look at faces and loves to be talked to. He even did his first real laugh a few days ago, but got the hiccups after!
 Skye took this picture. I don't know why, but I just like it!
 Jack is also very interested in his hands. He loves to stick them in his mouth and he loves to stick out his tongue! He's also gotten very good at reaching for things and enjoys batting toys that are above him. One of my favorite things is that he likes being read to. We have a fabric book with flaps that make a crinkling sound. He recognizes the book when he sees it and gets soooo excited! He already reaches out for it and tries to get the flaps. Skye didn't start doing that until she was at least six months!
 He's so handsome!
 Another one of his favorite things is to be naked! He LOVES it! He gets the biggest smile as soon as his clothes come off and is so happy and active while they remain off. But as soon as I start getting him dressed, he cries! Silly boy!

 Isn't he precious? Sometimes I wish he could stay little like this forever.


Jess said...

Little sweetie. I am impressed you can read to him already. Kaitlyn is more interested in how the book tastes. :) Can't wait to meet him!

Cookie said...

Cute pics, as always. Time is flying by so fast. I can barely remember when you didn't have Jack! Seems like he's always been there. I guess that means he was truly supposed to be a part of your family.