Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skye Loves Her Brother

Skye loves her baby brother--sometimes a little too much. She is a very intense, aggressive person so I still often tell her to be careful with him. At first, when we'd ask her if she wanted to try and hold him, she was scared and said no. But now she sometimes asks me if she can hold him and even wants to try and pick him up by herself--to which she's been told she can when she's bigger. 
 Even though Skye loves Jack, Jack doesn't always appreciate Skye yet! But he will when he's bigger!

 Here are both of the kids getting a plane ride from Daddy!
 I often used to awake to this scene on mornings Lance didn't have to go to work. I always liked seeing Skye sleeping on Lance, too. There's something special about it for some reason.
 One time, I came home from shopping to see all three of them asleep on the couch! It was so cute I had to get a picture!


Jess said...

I don't know what in particular is so cute about watching a husband fall asleep with his baby on his chest. I love seeing that with Cole too. And I'm glad Skye adores Jack so much. Makes your life (mostly) easier!

Cookie said...

I love the pics. I remember well how Leisha loved Nathan, but it wasn't always mutual either! I just hope Skye won't try to pick him up again for a while! He's darn near as big as she is!