Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Caught a Leprechaun!

Look at this cute, little leprechaun I caught on St. Patrick's Day! He didn't take me to his pot of gold or grant me any wishes, but his cuteness made up for it!

A leprechaun with his superhero.
 A leprechaun with his big sister! Seriously, doesn't he look just like a little leprechaun in this picture?!
 Skye got the hat at preschool.
She enjoys using it for other things, as well, like a muzzle! My family will totally get that!


Cookie said...

Oh yeah, gotta love the muzzle! LOL! I do love your little leprachaun! And the adorable super hero is always a favorite for us!

Lance Stine said...

He does have reddish hair. It seems to be turning more red too. It would be really strange if he ended up a red head but great for St. Patrick's day.

LindaDC said...

So darned cute...both of them!!!!

Jess said...

Adorable little leprechaun! While I am sure he can't give you 3 wishes, I am sure his smiles more than make up for it. :)