Monday, January 24, 2011

Antelope Island

Here are our scenic pictures from Antelope Island. There are some duplicates--just playing around with editing software!

We always love the wildlife!

We played hide and seek among the rocks for a long time. Skye loved it!

We loved the brilliant teal in the sky that was reflecting in the water below.


Lance said...

one of those landscapes will be my next painting. Who ever guesses which one first can have it.

Growing Up Skye said...

Whatever, we're going to sell it!!! And besides, there aren't enough people who even look at my blog and even less who comment so no one would try to anyway--except my mom maybe!

Cookie said...

The pictures are amazing!!! Definitely do some (not one) of those landscapes, Lance, and sell them! You really need to take some of your art work to some galleries. Try the one at the Rock Loft in Farmington. You never know! Also, I have to tell you that until I enlarged it, I thought you had captured an awesome photo of an owl! Bird Chirpier looks great on the rocks. I love it!